Daniel Lurie for Mayor of San Francisco

Message from Daniel Lurie:

Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of talking with San Franciscans from
every walk of life. These conversations have helped shaped my vision for our city, which I want to share with you. As mayor, I will prioritize:

1. Public safety

2. Accountable leadership

3. The homelessness emergency

4. Our mental health and substance use crises

5. Fixing our broken government

6. Small businessesI am determined to speak clearly about my values and where
I stand on the issues.

You can read more at DanielLurie.com/priorities.

It’s obvious that San Francisco residents share more common sense and collective
wisdom than the leaders in City Hall. Voters are frustrated and they are ready for
change. But to reach voters with our message, we’ll need resources. 

Please consider chipping in to my campaign and help our city get back to basics >>

Thank you, 

– Daniel Lurie
Daniel Lurie was born and raised in San Francisco. In 2005, he helped create Tipping Point Community. Under his direction as CEO, Tipping Point raised over $500 million to house, employ, educate, and support hundreds of thousands of Bay Area families.

In 2013, Former Mayor Ed Lee selected Daniel to lead the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, an effort that brought over $240 million in economic impact to the region.

He’s ready to bring this experience to City Hall to find common-sense solutions to the challenges we’re facing in San Francisco. Will you make sure he can build a winning campaign by chipping in now?