Election Day is tomorrow. PLEASE VOTE!

If you’re still uncertain of how to vote, confused, or overwhelmed by how many issues
you’re asked to vote on, I’ve created a voter guide that could be helpful. You can also
check out Ballotpedia for more information on all the candidates and initiatives at the local, state, and federal level to make your own selections. Or use the Take Action SF Voter Guide, which I have used as the basis for some of my recommendations. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or disagreements.

(Those that are in BOLD are the most critical)

San Francisco Initiatives:
Proposition A—No
Proposition B—Yes
Proposition C—No (This additional layer of “oversight” will be run by the same
interests already running our homeless response; no indication this “solution”
would yield better or different results and will just add another layer of
Proposition D—Yes (Habitat for Humanity and our State Senator support this

affordable housing measure.)
Proposition E—No (Our extremist supervisors support this one.)

Proposition F—Yes
Proposition G—No (let’s vote in the new slate of school board members first and see
what more they can do with existing funding before we grant them more.)
Proposition H—Yes (a crazy supervisor put up this measure and the mayor is against it, but I believe holding all our city elections in “on-cycle” years will increase voter turnout most among the disenfranchised moderates—reasonable people can disagree)
Proposition I—Yes (Restores pre-pandemic road access; supported by our mayor.)
Proposition J—No (A confusing counter-measure to Proposition I.)

Proposition K—removed from the ballot.
Proposition L—No
Proposition M—No (This tax on vacant housing would be disastrous.)

Proposition N—No
Proposition O—No (absolutely don’t vote to give the incompetent management
that’s running CCSF into the ground any more funds; vote below to replace them
and we can decide after that if more money is what’s needed—or just more accountability.)

California Initiatives:
Proposition 26–No (Say no to the addictive easy-money business of gambling.)
Proposition 27–No (Online gambling, still no.)
Proposition 28–No (I’m not a fan of spending good money after bad.)
Proposition 29–No (It reads like a good idea, but adds a layer of oversight and cost that seems unnecessary.)
Proposition 30–NO! (This is Lyft-funded corporate welfare, despite the description, and would drive many more affluent taxpayers out of CA, significantly reducing tax revenues needed to support essential services for all Californians.)
Proposition 31–YES! (this is Big Tobacco-funded and a NO vote would forever

prevent our legislators from regulating these products.)

San Francisco Elections:
District Attorney—Brooke Jenkins (ONLY)
Member, Board of Supervisors, District 2—Catherine Stefani
Member, Board of Supervisors, District 4—Joel Engardio (ONLY)
Member, Board of Supervisors, District 6—Matt Dorsey (ONLY)
Member, Community College Board—Marie Hurabiell (ONLY select these two.)
Member, Community College Board—Jill Yee (ONLY select these two)
Member, Board of Education—Lainie Motamedi, Ann Hsu and Lisa Weissman-Ward (the mayor’s picks)

California Elections:
Lieutenant Governor—Eleni Kounalakis
Controller—Lanhee Chen (endorsed by EVERY SINGLE California newspaper vs NONE for his opponent, not even her hometown San Francisco Chronicle!)
Attorney General—Nathan Hochman (It wasn’t enough to recall Chesa if we’re not
also replacing his appointed counterpart, Rob Bonta.)