Nathan Hochman for CA Attorney General

On March 15th, we hosted a little get together to learn more about Nathan Hochman, candidate for CA Attorney General. His thorough presentation made it clear that Nathan has the right breadth of legal and government experience that’s needed for this position and much more than both the incumbent and the other challengers.

Nathan regularly asks the question, “Do you feel safer than you did 2, 4, or 8 years ago” and almost universally gets “no” for the answer. He outlined his plan for how to execute that job differently to create a far better outcome and, importantly, emphasized that we can recall Chesa Boudin and recall George Gascon, but still end up in the same place if we don’t ALSO replace the State Attorney General. He explained why this is the critical third leg of that strategy and introduced us to his Let Them Go approach to the three public leaders, mimicking their anti-incarceration messaging, which while noble and often just, is now increasingly coming at the expense of ordinary citizens’ safety and security. He vowed to replace their blanket policy strategy in this area with a more nuanced approach that identifies and targets only those who are true threats to public safety and finds the right diversionary path for those who can be rehabilitated with less drastic means.

In short, Nathan is the kind of smart, thoughtful, dedicated, experienced and pragmatic leader we need in the position of the state leader of law enforcement. Please join me to support him, vote for him, spread the word, and do whatever you can to see that he gets that opportunity. Here is a link to do that.