SF Police Commission Bans Enforcement of Traffic Safety Laws

In a shocking decision, the SF Police Commission is voting this Wednesday to prohibit police officers from enforcing a number of state and local traffic safety laws! 

Prohibiting our police officers from enforcing existing laws only makes our streets more dangerous, especially for vulnerable seniors and families. Traffic enforcement is critical to deterring crime and reckless driving. 

The Police Commission has reached beyond their authority — they are simply attempting to rewrite the law. Under their new regulations, the SF Police Department could not enforce laws such as:
– Failing to display registration tags or driving with expired registration
– Failing to signal when turning or changing lanes
– Driving without functioning or illuminated tail lights or brake lights unless no lights are functioning/illuminated and the sun has set

Email the Police Commission today and tell them that we MUST enforce traffic safety laws. We cannot expect our police officers to keep our communities safe if we prohibit them from enforcing the law.

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To: sfpd.commission@sfgov.orgcindy.elias@sfgov.orgmax.carter-oberstone@sfgov.orglawrence.yee1@sfgov.orgjim.byrne@sfgov.orgjesus.g.yanez@sfgov.orgkevin.benedicto@sfgov.orgdebra.walker@sfgov.org 

Subject line: Allow SFPD to Enforce Traffic Safety Laws! 

Dear SF Police Commission., 

I am writing to urge you to not prohibit SFPD from enforcing existing traffic safety laws (agenda item 11 on your 12/14 meeting). These traffic safety laws exist for a reason – to keep our families, seniors, and streets safe. By prohibiting police officers from enforcing the law, you are prohibiting them from keeping our communities safe.

Thank you for helping to make a difference! — Safer SF