Your Sacred Right

For over a year, No Labels has been working to defend a sacred right of every American
citizen: The right to choose the leaders who represent us.  

We, the people, have a constitutional right not only to cast a vote for whomever we
choose. We also have the right to decide which candidates and parties appear on a
ballot in the first place.  

And right now, our rights are under assault by a well-funded group of DC insiders and
elites that has launched a coordinated effort to deny ballot access to No Labels, and to shut out the voices of hundreds of thousands of Americans who have signed our

These opponents speak high-minded words about protecting democracy. They say they want to prevent a “spoiler” in the 2024 presidential election. But what they really mean
is they don’t trust Americans to think or choose for themselves.  

There is a term for what they are doing: voter suppression.  

That is why we are asking those who believe that rights are inviolable to stand
with No Labels. Please click here to sign our petition and share with your friends.
For over 13 years, No Labels has been working to give a voice to America’s commonsense majority and to bridge the partisan divide in Congress and across America. But we have poked the bear.  
You see, our broken political system does not work well for the majority of Americans, but it works very well for a closed network of DC insiders. These are the politicians, pundits, operatives, and organized groups who gain profit and influence by pitting Americans against one another and keeping the public in a state of perpetual fear, agitation and anger. 
But now No Labels is interrupting their business model, and they do not like it. So the partisan establishment is throwing everything it can at us. If your voting rights are collateral damage, that’s a cost of doing business they’re happy for you to pay. 
But No Labels remains resolute in our mission. We are committed to ensuring the commonsense majority has a voice and that voters have the choices they want and deserve in 2024. 
We will have much more to say, but we wanted you to know the stakes of this effort, and the lengths to which the guardians of the broken status quo will go to protect their turf.