Break the party system

Letter to the Editor

We are living in a time when our political system is deeply fractured. Both Republicans and Democrats seem more interested in engaging in partisan warfare than in uniting to address the needs of constituents. 

It’s no wonder we’re seeing widespread dissatisfaction and mistrust in our democratic institutions. And with over 40% of the electorate now considering themselves independent, there’s never been a greater urgency for a different choice.

No Labels, a nationwide movement composed of Republicans, Democrats and independents, represents such a refreshing alternative. It is building an infrastructure for an independent unity ticket to run in the 2024 presidential elections in response to historically unpopular nominees. No Labels is not positioning itself to be a spoiler; it’s offering a way to steer the political system of our nation back to stability and common sense.

We should embrace what No Labels is presenting. It’s a chance for a more robust democracy, offering solutions that neither Republicans or Democrats seem willing to tackle.

Critics who call third-party presidential candidates spoilers are clinging to an outdated perspective that doesn’t reflect how broken our system has become. At the core of our democracy is the freedom to choose — limiting that only continues the partisan dysfunction.

Martha Ehmann Conte, chair, No Labels California Party, San Francisco