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Democracy Hypocrisy

NO LABELS They don’t want you to know it, but the Democratic and Republican parties have rigged their primary processes to force Americans to choose from presidential candidates they don’t want in 2024.    Two-thirds of Democratic-leaning voters clearly say they want someone other than President Joe Biden atop their ticket, but the Democratic National Committee has adopted several measures […]

The East Hampton Star: Letter to the Editor

No Labels East Hampton VillageJuly 7, 2023 Dear Editor, I’m a new vice chair at No Labels, where we’re working to provide ballot access in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., for a moderate, independent ticket of one Republican and one Democrat for the presidential race in 2024. The two major parties continue to speak […]


No Labels National Co-Chairs, Former Senator Joe Lieberman and Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr., Respond to Coordinated Attacks to Restrict Voters Choices in 2024 This issue is about voter choice.   That’s democracy.   Why would these Democratic groups try to block voter choice?   Fear of losing isn’t a sufficient answer.   If your candidate […]

Secret Meetings and Political Mudslinging? No, Thanks.

Two-thirds of Americans don’t want a rematch of the 2020 election that both parties seem determined to give us. At such a moment, you might think the powers that be in Washington would stop the political mudslinging that turns so many Americans off, and start addressing the reasons we’re so dissatisfied in the first place.   Instead, we […]

Break the party system

Letter to the Editor We are living in a time when our political system is deeply fractured. Both Republicans and Democrats seem more interested in engaging in partisan warfare than in uniting to address the needs of constituents.  It’s no wonder we’re seeing widespread dissatisfaction and mistrust in our democratic institutions. And with over 40% […]

Donald Trump Should Never Again be President

Hi Friend, As enthusiasm for No Labels’ 2024 presidential insurance project has spread, so too has the false malicious charge that our effort is designed or destined to elect Donald Trump in 2024. We are the national co-chairs of No Labels and want to be very clear about what we, and our movement, believe: Donald […]

False Attacks

To all No Labels Supporters: As volunteers like you, we want you to be on guard for false attacks against No Labels and our efforts to broaden our democracy. We have it on good authority from multiple Democratic Party sources that a collection of extreme groups is putting together a campaign of false attacks. They want […]

Begala’s assessment simply isn’t true.

CNN – Opinion: How a third party could unintentionally lead to a Trump 2024 victory This assessment simply isn’t true. 1) No Labels has modeled the election with Trump, Biden and an “independent moderate” ticket, and found that such a ticket would pull EQUALLY from Biden and Trump AND win more electors than both. 2) […]