Democracy Hypocrisy


They don’t want you to know it, but the Democratic and Republican parties have rigged their primary processes to force Americans to choose from presidential candidates
they don’t want in 2024.   

Two-thirds of Democratic-leaning voters clearly say they want someone other than President Joe Biden atop their ticket, but the Democratic National Committee has adopted
several measures to prevent challengers from emerging. That includes changing their primary calendar, creating a new class of party-approved superdelegates, and refusing to hold any primary debates.   

Meanwhile, state Republican parties in Idaho, California, Michigan, Nevada, and Louisiana created new delegate selection rules and election processes viewed as brazen
attempts to clear the primary path for former President Donald Trump.   

These are the same people – on both sides – preaching that No Labels’ effort to get on
the ballot in 2024 is a “danger” to democracy. Fortunately, most Americans see right
through this democracy hypocrisy.   

Even without the latest measures by the Democratic and Republican parties to stack
the deck, U.S. presidential primaries are hardly a model of openness and inclusivity.   

— In the four presidential elections going back to 2008, only 27.5 percent of registered voters participated in primaries (compared to more than 60 percent in the general
— In 2020, some 10.5 million independent voters in 10 states were prevented from
voting in primaries because their states have closed primaries, where independent or
unaffiliated voters are prohibited from participating.  


This is why we keep ending up with candidates that don’t reflect, and often despise, the views of America’s Commonsense Majority.   

With more than a year to go until the 2024 election, the Democratic and Republican
parties are indisputably standing in the way of what most Americans want. No one
should be surprised there is so much enthusiasm for the work that No Labels is doing
to provide Americans more choice.   

Over the past several months, No Labels has been consulting with our members and
voters across the country to develop our selection process for a potential Unity
presidential ticket. Later this fall, we’ll release details.   

It certainly won’t be perfect, but this much we can say for sure: i t will be better than
what our two parties are offering.

Ryan Clancy
Chief StrategistNo Labels
They don’t want you to know…