False Attacks

To all No Labels Supporters:

As volunteers like you, we want you to be on guard for false attacks against No Labels
and our efforts to broaden our democracy.

We have it on good authority from multiple Democratic Party sources that a collection of extreme groups is putting together a campaign of false attacks. They want to stop
No Labels from getting on the presidential ballot to give a voice to the vital center and promote commonsense solutions to our nation’s problems. 

It is sad this is how Washington operates today.
It is sad how effective misinformation can be to limit the voters’ choices.
It is sad the extremes in both parties want a monopoly on YOUR choices. 

Let us be clear, No Labels is only working to get ballot access. There is NO candidate — and so any attacks today are nothing more than rumor and speculation designed to
play on people’s fears. They want to shut down an effort to enhance our democracy.

The American people believe we need more bipartisan solutions to our biggest
problems. They want the country to unify around commonsense solutions to issues
like inflation, budget deficits, immigration and the border, and energy and climate.
For 13 years that’s been our mission.

Now an extreme dark-money group has been formed, possibly to be called
“No Principles,” in an attempt to stop us. Apparently, it will be led by Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project and Matt Bennett of the Democratic think tank Third Way, along with
support from other left-wing groups like MoveOn and Indivisible. Maybe when they
realize what we are really doing they will just decide to save their money rather than
waste it on senseless attacks. 

Let us be clear about two key points:

1. Our detractors are accusing us of being a pro-Trump group. That is preposterous.
We are NOT a pro-Trump group. Most people do not believe Trump is right for America.
The American people know we need a new choice, someone in the center who has the moral compass and vigor to serve in our nation’s most important role. 

2. Any effort we MAY do in the presidential election — and we are more than a year away from even deciding on such an effort — will NOT be as a spoiler. It will only be to back a bipartisan ticket that has a clear path to victory which would draw voters equally from both sides. If the parties nominate solid, competent candidates who are supported by
the commonsense majority, we will not offer our ballot line to anyone. The idea being
peddled around Washington that No Labels would offer the ballot to a left-wing spoiler candidate like Jill Stein or Ralph Nader is both FALSE and preposterous. We are a group dedicated to finding bipartisan solutions and we would never back spoiler candidates
that were from the far left or the far right. 

We want our supporters to know what is going on and ask them to flag any misleading posts and information as false.

We have worked hard to bring people together and forge unprecedented coalitions
between Democrats and Republicans. We have solid bipartisan achievements like
helping pass the Infrastructure bill. We will continue to work on these and other
initiatives to support bipartisan solutions to our nation’s real problems.

With your support we will keep bringing people together to fix America’s problems at
all levels of government. We cannot go on as a country tearing each other down. We
need to give a new voice to YOU and empower the commonsense majority in the
coming election. 

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., National Co-Chair
Admiral Dennis C. Blair, Co-founder
Governor Pat McCrory, Co-founder