Secret Meetings and Political Mudslinging? No, Thanks.

Two-thirds of Americans don’t want a rematch of the 2020 election that both parties seem determined to give us. At such a moment, you might think the powers that be
in Washington would stop the political mudslinging that turns so many Americans off, and start addressing the reasons we’re so dissatisfied in the first place.  

Instead, we get what was reported today by The Washington Post and
40 senior Democratic leaders and operatives met last week with the express purpose
to “subvert” No Labels’ efforts to get on the ballot and give Americans a choice they so
clearly want in 2024. You can read the sordid details below.  

When you live in a democracy you get to choose your leaders. And not just in the voting booth. In every state, Americans have the right to come together and petition to put
more choices on the ballot. That’s what No Labels has been doing since last year, with
over 600,000 voters already signing in states nationwide. This is democracy in action,
and it’s disturbing that some of the people in my party – which is supposed to
champion voting rights – are now trying to shut us down.  

No Labels has known for a while that the entrenched powers would come after us for
threatening their duopoly and introducing some much needed competition. But we
won’t be backing down, and we hope you won’t either.  

No Labels has spent 13 years working to give a voice to America’s common sense majority in Congress and across America. Now that your voice is finally being heard, the forces of the status quo want to silence it. We hope you will stand with us, and spread the
word about the critical work No Labels is doing to unite our divided country.   

Sen. Joe Lieberman 
Founding Chairman, No Labels